I'm Mr. Dan. All I know to say about the above is that I hope you get the BIG picture! Another all that I know to say is that my day job is not constructing websites! Bet you already figured that out.

Now--down to the serious business of trying not to take ourselves too seriously.  

What is a storytale? A story by itself might possibly be true or maybe mostly true. A tale is usually, well, just that--a tale. It may be just a little bit true, but more than a little bit would be a real stretch.  

If you get the idea by now that I am not really sure what a storytale is, well, that's true. But I think it is starting off with what could be a story and doctoring it up with a bit of tale-ish-ness.  

"Greeted by Wasps in the Church Outhouse" is one of the entertaining and stress-reducing storytales that I can tell your group. Laugh with me, Mr. Dan, The Storytaler, as I bring storytales to your church, work place, school, or healthcare setting. Storytales include stuff about:

  • The city of Kite (population 231) impounded a submarine in the Little Ohoopee River to collect toll fees.
  • The Great Johnson County Aerial Snow Dump upset the office of environmental equilibrium.
  • The Pringle Crispy Chips Farm Co-op in Washington County is hiring chip pickers for harvest season.
  • Miz Rosemary Overstreet got her feelings hurt when she disturbed the wasps in the church outhouse!
  • When she's scared, the swamp woman screams like a panther trying out for soprano at choir practice.
  • Jack, don't grab no rattlesnake! It ain't gonna prove your masculinity or contribute to a long life.

If I were not a little crazy, I might go sane. I know some sane folks, and I think a little crazy is better!

One of my favorite Bible verses is Proverbs 17:22, "Being cheerful keeps you healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time." (Good News Translation).  

I like to say, "A little ridicularity goeth a long way." (King Daniel Version). That is not quite the way the Bible says it, but it makes sense to me. Ridicularity is making the ridiculous hilarious!

An editor in Wrightsville, GA, lets me write a weekly column called "RFD South" for The Johnson Journal. Reporting for The Tall Tales Tellers of Johnson County got me interested in being a story taler.  

On a slow day for story tales, I still like to hit a few licks as a speaker, trainer, registered mediator, and pastoral counselor.

I would love to schedule an encouragement and motivation get-together for your group of:

. School faculty & administrators . Employees of business & industry . Church leaders . Seniors

. Public safety officers . Local government officials . Athletic teams . Health care providers

. Community service clubs . Students . Legal & judicial professionals . Other community leaders 

A topic might be one of the following or another topic of interest:

  • Adjustments of Aging: Changes, Challenges, and Choices
  • Parenting: Choose your battles wisely and fight fairly.
  • Conflict: resolve some, manage some, prevent some.
  • Coping with long-term care, terminal illness, loss, and grief.
  • Divorce, co-parenting, single-parenting, and grand-parenting.
  • Ignorance, stupidity, knowledge, and wisdom--your choices.
  • Marriage is a continuing exercise of turning loose and holding on.
  • Want to unlock the door to understanding? Communication is the key.

I have a special interest in serving those who serve others, especially in the areas of: (1) adjustments of seniors in later life, including long-term care, (2) terminal illness, and (3) loss and grief. 

I would also like to talk with you about storytaling at your seasonal community festival, family reunion, or party for your company, birthday, or wedding anniversary.

Thank you for your visit. I'm glad you survived it in good health ! ! !

Take a look at the three other pages. You can click on them at the top of each page. Each page title has the word, "stuff," in it. 

Let's "taler" a program to meet your special interests.

I look forward to your call at 4 7 8 2 7 9 2 9 9 2 .  

Mr. Dan

~ ~ ~


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