The person that you are, your family and friends, your faith, your health, and your work all figure into decisions you make. Seeking and accepting wise counsel are important. When life's road takes a turn, a trusted guide can help to map the way.    

Service 1

Gramma still likes to pick her own apples.

She will likely need more support in the future. Our elderly loved ones face lots of changes, challenges, and choices in the adjustments of later life. I offer help for seniors and their families in times of decision-making about long-term care, terminal illness, loss, and grief. Even in serious life circumstance, humor can be healthy.    

Service 2

Supporting Church Ministries and Leaders

"The Lord is my Shepherd." "For God so loved the world..." "Amazing grace, how sweet the sound..." Words of faith.

Do you need a speaker, trainer, or counselor? Would you like someone to reflect with you on ideas for ministry? I would also like to meet and encourage your family. You folks are prime candidates for funny bone massages!  

Health Care Providers

You have a high calling. Who takes care of you? Common sense, humor, and encouragement can help to avoid burn-out. I can offer a few tips for managing stress. Have you had a recent funny bone massage? I have special interest in patients, families and care providers who are dealing with long-term care, terminal illness, and grief. 

How are things going at work? Do you like your job?  

"It's a job." Do you sometimes say that? Constant stress at work can cause a job to be just a job. Bringing stress from home and adding workplace stress impact morale, turn-over rates, and performance. Crisis support for employees can help with workplace adjustments. Learning to laugh in the workplace makes a difference. Find your funny bone!     

Mr. Dan, where do you tell story tales?

Where would you like for me to tell some? I'm not all that picky. If I can get there from here and back again, I'll plan to show up. Click on "Just stuff..." at the top of the page. On the right side of the "Just stuff..." page, there is a list. Give me a call at 4 7 8 2 7 9 2 9 9 2 and tell me where you would like me to deliver a load of story tales!